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Transforming Leaders; Transforming the City

Lifework First Coast is a faith-based leadership development program for professionals in the First Coast. We help individuals bring their faith and work into greater conjunction while building a network of believers who will utilize other faith-based organizations to have greater Kingdom Impact through their work.



Lifework First Coast is committed to building a community of leaders who have been transformed from the inside out. This is the mission that inspires and motivates those of us who have experienced the Lifework Leadership development program and community.


We envision bringing vitality to cities by transforming and mobilizing Christian business leaders. Imagine a generation of business leaders who cross vocational, denominational, and racial lines to transform the minds and hearts of their companies, churches and communities.


Lifework Leadership was birthed in 1992 when U.S. Senator William Armstrong (CO) convened Christian business leaders to cast a vision for a world, city by city, that could be transformed through leaders who had a clear calling and a biblical worldview.


Lifework Global Alumni Community


Lifework First Coast Alumni Community


Lifework Global Locations


One Leader at a Time

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Achieving More Together

Thank you to these organizations and many individuals who invest in the transformation of leaders and communities. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of these local, committed sponsors. Learn more about our sponsors here.

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