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Lifework First Coast at-a-glance

Transforming Leaders.
Transforming the City.

Lifework First Coast provides an extraordinary leadership development experience for the leaders of our city.  National speakers, such as Dr. Henry Blackaby, Gordon MacDonald and Gordon Pennington, come to Jacksonville over an eight-month “journey” and share their powerful teachings through a Christian worldview that is perfectly transferable to today’s marketplace and our participants’ businesses.


We envision business leaders throughout Jacksonville and the First Coast, who cross vocational, denominational, and racial lines to transform the minds and hearts of their companies, churches and communities. This is the vision that inspires and motivates those who have experienced the Lifework training program. We are committed to equipping leaders because we believe that the quality of leadership in an organization makes the difference between success and failure. Our principles are based on a Christian worldview and are readily transferable for today’s marketplace. They are principles that are “good for business” as well as personal development.

Lifework Alumnus Dr. Asher Chanan-Khan Shares about his Lifework Journey

Our History

Lifework began in 1992 when William Armstrong (1937-2016), a Colorado media executive turned United States Senator, convened a meeting of marketplace leaders to cast a vision of cultural transformation through Christ-centered leadership in the workplace. Since its inception, Lifework is fulfilling Armstrong’s original call for business men and women to exercise their talents and influence to expand Kingdom impact and lead cultural change. Lifework alumni around the globe are walking in deeper relationships with God and are maximizing their time for eternity.


Many organizations focus on transforming lives, others focus on changing society. Lifework connects the two, breathing new life into marketplace leaders – equipping and inspiring them to live more intentional, Kingdom-centered lives and enabling them to become a greater force for God during every waking moment.


In 2018 Lifework was placed on the City Changers Movement platform to accelerate growth. We believe God has called us to contribute in cities around the world. City Changers is now our parent organization.


    Our half-day, monthly sessions begin in October and end in May. Throughout the year, participants experience Lifework Leadership principles by following the leadership journey of Jesus, interacting with prominent local leaders in a case study format, and learning from nationally recognized speakers. Participants also take occasional field trips to corporate, community and social service centers in the community to complement the session’s content.


  •  A clear perspective and purpose of who they really are and how they fit into their world.
  • A desire to positively shape their corporate culture and meaningfully serve non-profit organizations.
  • An exposure to the needs of the broader community.
  • Significant and strategic relationships that will enrich their personal and professional lives.


  • Employees who get exposure to prominent business leaders.
  • Employees who have defined high-level ethics and values.
  • Employees who have a new network of relationships.
  • Employees who have a greater community presence and influence.
  • Employees with clear purpose (reduced turnover).


  • Leaders who volunteer in significant ways.
  • Leaders who make a lasting impact in their community.
  • Leaders who are networked together for the community’s welfare.
  • Leaders who stay living and invested in the community.

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