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Baylie, 12th Grade

GRIT taught me how to manage my money and time as I finished out high school and it mentally prepared me for the transition to college! I met some really awesome people and learned a lot of life lessons through the sessions.

Evelise, 10th Grade

A fun and educational peer networking opportunity opportunity in an out of school setting. GRIT gave me a better understanding of myself, my peers, and my finances.

Ian, 10th Grade

GRIT connected me to teenagers in my community through group activities where I learned more about myself and how I relate to others. By learning more about myself, I became a better leader.

Ethan, 11th Grade

The speakers are absolutely incredible! Every meeting there would be a new speaker who would give us different life advice from finance to our spiritual walk with God - GRIT tests your own faith, challenges you and your own personal walk with God to take a step further and trust God with your life as a young adult or teen. My life was certainly touched by the amazing people I've met at GRIT that went through the program along side me and the coolest part was all of us coming together for a common goal. GRIT is an amazing program that made me not only reflect on myself but also reflect on my faith and my walk with God.

Sarah, 11th Grade

GRIT taught me how to manage my money right now and in the future in a fun and interactive way, and it helped me to break out of my shell a whole lot more.

Drew, 11th Grade

My favorite part of every night was the guest speakers and learning from their experiences . I really enjoyed the group discussions with my peers, I got to know some of them better because of it.

Mason, 10th Grade

The GRIT principles are a great help to daily life. Working in groups gives you a better understanding of others and their views.

Wade, 10th Grade

I loved learning more about my personality through the personality profile assessment. This truly helped me to become more self-aware and learn more about my strengths, but also areas in my behavior I need to focus on and strengthen. I also learned so much about how to manage my finances. Truly valuable information that I will apply to my life now and in the future.

Alejandro, 10th Grade

What I liked about GRIT is that it allowed me to learn new things about myself and it made me realize all the good things that I could be capable of, with the constant visit from inspiring speakers it made it very clear that even though sometimes there are dark places in which we get stuck on we can always have faith that we're gonna make it out and move forward. I loved learning about my personality and what makes me...well, me!

Joshua, 11th Grade

I really enjoyed the fun activities and I learned a lot about personal strengths and personalities!

Lander, 11th Grade

I really enjoyed the network and how indepth GRIT went while working with us, we were able to be ourselves and grow to make our weaknesses strong and to use our strengths to help us get further in life, make us as a whole better. GRIT was absolutely amazing and I really enjoyed what we learned and the people I met and how it also pursued God while trying to benefit all of us.